On November 30, 2018, a bilateral cooperation agreement was signed between  our Faculty  and the University of Lisbon, Faculty of Agriculture (ISA: Instituto Superior de Agronomia) in Lisbon, Portugal.

Representing our Faculty Prof. Dr. Ergin Dursun and Vice Dean Prof.Dr. Necmettin Ceylan, Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Lisbon (ISA: Instituto Superior de Agronomia) Prof. António Guerreiro do Brito, Scientific Research Coordinator. Miguel Mourato, Professor. Margarida Tomé (Forest Ecosystem Management Coordinator under Global Change) Teresa Mateos (Head of Biosystem Sciences and Engineering) Ricardo Braga and Professor Madalena Lordelo (Poultry Research Coordinator of Zootechnics Department) took part as parties of agreement. During the meetings and interviews held in ISA; Faculty include to increase the opportunities for cooperation in education and research, and to arrange agreements between departments under the Erasmus student mobility, improve their opportunities of researchers to make mutual projects, opinions and recommendations on the issues in order to understand the Portugal and Turkey’s agricultural development by making mutual presentations were evaluated together.

As a result of the meetings and evaluations, it was agreed that two faculties, especially in the field of education and research, should establish a strong cooperation. A bilateral agreement signed by António Guerreiro do Brito and Dean of our Faculty Prof.Dr. Ergin Dursun.

After the signing of the agreement, our dean of Faculty  Prof. Dr. Ergin Dursun and Vice Dean Prof.Dr. Necmettin Ceylan conducted research and examinations on the historical campus with a history of 100 years to evaluate and examine ISA education and research opportunities. During these investigations, Prof.Dr. Madalena Lordelo accompanied with her knowledge transfer.