Ohio State University Department of Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering  Member Prof. Dr. Erdal OZKAN presented “Agricultural Faculties in the US and the Roles of Farmer Education” seminar on 14 February 2019 Thursday at the Faculty Hall of our faculty.

Dean Prof. Dr. Ergin DURSUN, Vice Deans Dr. Prof. Dr. Belgin ÇAKMAK and Professor Dr. Necmettin CEYLAN with representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, representatives of some of our non-governmental organizations, TÜRKİYEM-BİR Chairman Mr. Ulku KARAKUS, students with academic and administrative staff joined the seminar.

After the seminar presentation, Prof.Dr. Erdal OZKAN, answered questions posed by the participants. At the end of the seminar, Dean Prof. Dr. Ergin DURSUN gifted Erdal OZKAN plaque and a present of our university with logo.